Oukitel Lark Pod Kit

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Oukitel Lark Pod Kit


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he Oukitel LARK 6W Pod System is a slim vape pen kit, incorporating an integrated 350mAh rechargeable battery, zinc-alloy chassis construction, and features a 1.8mL refillable pod with mesh honeycomb ceramic core. Operating on breath-activated firing mechanism, the Oukitel Lark vaporizes eJuice at 6Ws, sparingly utilizing the 350mAh integrated battery fully and efficiently. Constructed from durable zinc-alloy materials, the Lark can withstand falls and drops without a worry and features a magnetic pod connection that securely holds the pod in place till removal is necessary for refilling or replacing. With a simple tug to disconnect the pod, the 1.8mL Lark pod can be filled via side refill system, stoppered by a silicone plug to prevent any messy leaks or spills of today's best nic salts.

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