Smok Baby V2 Coils A1 - Pack of 3

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Smok Baby V2 Coils A1 - Pack of 3


The Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Replacement Coils are superior quality atomisers for the Baby V2 Tank. Each series is designed with maximum mesh for the highest in performance atomizers available. Available in Single, Double and Triple Mesh! A1 Single Mesh Coils - Pack of 3

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NOTE: These coils are only compatible with the Smok TFV8 Baby V2 tank when WILL NOT work with the original Smok TFV8 Baby and Big Baby Tanks.


Single Mesh
Resistance: 0.17Ω
Range: 90W-140W (Recommended 100W-130W)
Material: Medical Grade Antibacterial Cotton

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2 VERIFIED User Reviews for Smok Baby V2 Coils A1 - Pack of 3

  1. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Stuart Buckham

    Took me by suprise at how good this coil is

  2. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Prime Vapour Verified User

    Out of the Smok coils I’ve had I personally prefer this one especially out of the v2 range.

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