Mothers Milk

Prime Vapour e-Liquid - [Mothers Milk]
 £3.99 /10ml|  £16.00 /50ml | £20.00 /100ml

Strawberries, french vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

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£ 3.99
  • Category: Premium e-Liquid
  • Note: Shake & Vape 100ml is a mix of juice and nicotine shot SEE MORE INFO FOR DETAILS)
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6 VERIFIED User Reviews for Mothers Milk

  1. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Jorge Andrade

    Besides the flavour which is outstanding as you would expect from this company, I would also like to highlight the bottles are the best in the market, in the way you can utilise up to the last drop of the precious liquid, where on others there is always 2% or 3% left and can not enjoy 100% of what you're paying, so we'll done Primevapour👏.

  2. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Ciaran Diamond

    A brilliant vape for those with a sweet tooth, I tend to get this along with my usual fruity vape to mix things up. Sweet creamy strawberry milkshake goodness. Some other versions aren't quite hitting that bar but this certainly meets the expectations.... Quality wee vape goes great with a coffee or milkshake

  3. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Innes Thomson

    Best mothers milk around

  4. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Marion Evans

    love love love this oil its only one i use tastes of strawberry ice cream the hagen day one but not as sickly sweet as other ones i’ve tried in the past

  5. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    Kevin Blair

    Surprised! This one ACTUALLY Tastes of Vanilla & Strawberry Ice Cream. Quite sweet, but then so is Strawberry Ice Cream.

  6. Prime Vapour Customer Review
    PV Verified User

    Very nice eliquid. A good balance of flavours. Some like this can be quite sickly. Not this one.

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Shake n Vape 100ml Shake n Vape @ 3mg - is made up of a 80/80 mix (70ml juice / 30ml nicotine shot)
100ml Shake n Vape @ =6mg - is made up of a 80/20 mix (70ml juice / 30ml nicotine shot)

Shake N Vape is available only in 3mg and 6mg strengths
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